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To find small moments in our everyday lives that give a feeling of looking after yourself and doesn’t have to be such a big effort, after all. Not if you start including the little touches that makes it feel special in your morning/evening routine. You can create a quick 2 min spa routine anytime.  Here are some of my favourite products from Not on the high street and Swedish  La bruket and bathroom details I’ve discovered lately that make up the feel in our bathroom right now.

Hanging baskets from Bohemia
Adding some greenery gives a softness to harsh tile spaces and make it more like any other room in the house. I combined three natural woven hanging planter baskets to add something to the corner and window and also create a bit more storage. Bohemia is a small home wares brand from Edinburgh that I discovered through Not on the high street and they do lovely Moroccan inspired details for the home. Check out their Core collection by Bohemia. 

The beautiful brass mirror tray you see here is actually a mirror from Brass mirror Posh Dotty designs which I choose to place in our drawers to create a more luxurious place and the compartments are great for grouping things and making them easy to find.

Having a window in the bathroom was a dream and it does make a big difference. We chose brass details for taps and rails and they really make up the space. Seeing how they age beautifully with more and more patina everyday makes the quality worth its price. We’ve then paired back with a stone wash basin that imitates marble and a simple white storage unit from Ikea that fits this small corner.

The robe is from Caro London and the rails from a Swedish company called Byggfabriken.

Adding a tray over the bathtub means that I can have products I enjoy accessible to me everyday. It also make the tub look more inviting and warm through missing natural materials as bamboo.

I recently discovered the lovely brand of Corinne Taylor an aromatherapist from Brighton who creates really lovely handmade, natural and vegan body products. I tried the Soothe Himalayan Salt Scrub  and think it works great, leaves a smooth feel to the skin and smells absolutely heavenly.

La bruket has a great spa collection, one that reminds me of the Swedish archipelago. No wonder as their whole idea is about “Stories from the coast”. My two favourites are the natural sea salt and seaweed, these are spa treatments that have been used for centuries to soften the skin and revitalize your body and soul. What I enjoy most about La bruket products are that they are based on the natural ingredients from the sea.

Seaweed helps to stimulate blood circulation, relax stiff muscles and relieve aches and pains and it has great detoxing properties. But more than that it reminds me of home and Sweden and swimming in the seas of west cost archipelago. Love the Tångbad from La Bruket. 

Hope this gives you a few idea of things to create beautiful spa moments for yourself, whether it be quick everyday spa moments or indulgent pampering that lasts for hours.