How to create hygge at home

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Last week I wrote a post about Hygge, a Danish word for describing the joy of everyday moments. It might be described as something uniquely Danish but all of these things can be found in other Scandinavian countries, as well as German, Dutch and in some way British traditions too. The sense of hygge seems to be an instinctive feeling that we all encompass. To continue on the same theme I thought I’d give you my five tips on how to introduce more of that warmth and cosiness as we approach autumn and winter.


Don’t mind the weather
You’re not really able to change it and it’s just putting you in negative frame of mind. Instead think about how you can make something really nice and special out of a rainy day. It might give you a perfectly good excuse to binge watch an episode of your favourite series, stay in and cook a stew or read the new book you just bought.

How to create Hygge

Invest in your home/your sanctuary
Even if you’re just renting a furnished room, you can still get your own little Hygge kit that’s a treat for all your senses.

Sense: Pick your favourite blanket for your proper Hygge moments. It could be an old one from your childhood or just one that’s in natural materials that gives the comfort like from a hug.

Scent: Buy a scented candle or an incentive stick with your favourite smell, it’s incredible how this adds atmosphere to your surroundings.

Sight: One, or many, natural candles, the best way to feel shielded and create warmth around you.

Taste: Buy a nice chocolate for your treat or whatever your indulgence weak point is. I have a box of chocolates at home that I bring out after dinner sometimes or with my espresso in the weekend. It feels like a nice treat and my friends quite enjoy when I share it with them too.

Sound: Listen to your favourite podcast or listen to your favourite music at home. I love playing vinyl records at home, it accompanies my mood and elevates the feelings I’m having. Don’t censure yourself, listen to some melancholic tunes if that’s your mood at the moment, music just creates a funnel for our emotions to come through.

how to create hygge

Make your friends feel outmost welcome when coming for a visit, by lighting a lantern outside your door, keeping some extra slippers for them to wear inside the house or invite them spontaneously over to share a meal on a Monday night, instead of cooking just for yourself. Hygge is best when it’s shared with a few of your closest friends and family.

everyday moments

Make the everyday life special
Don’t rush straight away to work in the morning. Make time to enjoying the everyday moments. Lit up a candle in the dark morning while you’re having your morning coffe, use your favourite cup and be more present in the daily moments. Think about how your coffee tastes and feels. Does it taste the way it smells? Does it taste bitter like dark chocolate or tangy?

kanel bullar

Be kind to yourself
I never believed in diets (never been on one) and have never cared much for that, so in that sense the Hygge approach suits me well. You can allow yourself to eat something nice like a pastry or hot chocolate and not deny yourself anything. For me this works well, because if I know I can have everything, I’ll only have just enough, or ‘lagom’ which we would say in Swedish.

What’s hygge to you?
Now I’d love to hear how do you create Hygge in your home? What are your favourite moments? Do you share them with anyone and can you enjoy the moment when you are by yourself? How does it make you feel?