My Scandinavian home in London

Home Decor

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Small rental apartment

I started thinking about our previous flat and that I haven’t shown that many pictures of it on the blog. We loved this apartment for its high ceilings and the beautiful light. There was a lot we couldn’t change, but we’ve learned to work with its limitations. We created a home in a small, rental apartment that I will always love.

Bring nature inside

My interest for plants and bringing nature inside came almost immediately after moving to London. To me it was a way to compensate that I no longer was close to nature.  It also helped to create a relaxing and comfortable space, and the plants loved it there with all that light.

Make more of a compact kitchen

We worked in simple ways to maximise storage, practicality and with personality. Magnetic wall strips for knives, rails for hanging pots, and wire baskets and racks are great, low-fuss storage solutions. I using menus of favourite restaurants as decoration on the wall, it’s completely free and keeps memories alive.

Set the scene
I love creating different scene and breaking the space up in beautiful corners to look at. A bare wall by your dinging table is the perfect backdrop for creating a special atmosphere for meals and gatherings, and means you can keep your settings simple. To add an instant seasonal feel, put up two hooks or nails, loop a piece of string between them and hang anything from fresh flowers to cuttings, and even bunting.

All photos credited: Michael Sinclair for IKEA FAMILY Live Magazine